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October News

Update 21-8-21

Hi all as you know I had to close the club on Thursday 12th August due to an out break of covid. I am now happy to inform you that the club has been cleaned to the covid required standards and will reopen on Wednesday 25th Aug. Will be going back to the restrictions in the club before the lifting of lockdown (dancing will be permitted provided you are wearing a face covering) These restrictions will remain in place for the time being for your safety and the safety of others. I have also asked Gary to sing for you on Saturday the 28th Aug so come along and see him. I hope that everyone that caught covid as I did from that night are making a full and speedy recovery. STAY SAFE Paul Weston club president

We donít know if the exemption badges for facemasks will be accepted as they can be officially overridden as necessary due to the way they are issued.

We would add that If you go clubbing, go on holiday or entertain guests from away please isolate and get tested before returning to the club as members have been hospitalised. Wishing them a speedy recovery. Play safe and keep others safe.


Membership renewal latest 12-5-21


Any member that holds a 2020 card may either:

Renew in person on set days. (to be advised)

By post (must enclose 2020 card and SAE)

Leave payment behind the bar with 2020 card

Any one who has lost their 2020 card will be charged £2.00

All members holding a 2020 card will pay £20 or £10 for OAP

This information is from the presidents facebook club page and any questions about it should be addressed to him.




Club Opening Times

Monday Closed

Tuesday 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Wednesday 12:00 noon - 11:00pm

Thursday 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Friday 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Saturday 6:00 - 12:00 Midnight

Sunday 12 Noon - 11:00pm

Please note

These time may alter



Wednesday Bingo. Books on sale 7:00 - 7:30pm. Bingo starts 7:45pm

Friday Bingo. Books on sale 7:00 - 7:30pm. Bingo starts 7:45pm


The A G M is postponed along with
60+ Summer Party
Club refurbishment *
until further notice.

Club Refurbishment

Concert hall reopens Saturday 25th September.

The lighting system installed in the top bar when it was refurbished has failed and has had to be replaced. The president announced on Friday 23rd July that there were problems with completing the concert hall so it's reopening would be delayed.

Membership Renewals

These are now going ahead and you cannot use the club until you have a valid membership card. Contact the club for renewal information.

New Memberships

Prospective new members can apply to join now. Membership application forms are available from the club.

This and that

There are now a brief set of minutes from a meeting dated 20/1/2020.on the notice board. The first committee minutes since July 2019.

The Wi-Fi connection is still unavailable in the concert hall. Connection details are available from the bar staff.


Function Room

The upstairs bar at Lewes Road is available for members to hire for private functions. The office is taking bookings for 2021 and the diary is filling up quickly, so if you want a particular date get your booking in or you will be disappointed. NO 18 year old parties. Contact the office for booking details.

Club Safety

At the start of any event in the club the club evacuation procedure will be explained. This is very important and should be listened to as it may save your life. Fire Kills, don't become a statistic.

Wednesday night Bingo

If you like a laugh try Wednesday bingo it starts at 7:30pm.




Home 'N' Away

Dates for your 2021 diary

January Subscriptions are due



Details of all events are on the notice boards


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