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June Views

Member's Views

We have had none this month which we will print.

If you have stopped using the club please email the webmaster and tell us the reason why. When you give us your views you can choose to have them published here or ask us to note them for future reference.

This 'N' That

If you want to have your say or you have some useful information. All you've got to do is email us with your information and we will publish it here. With out your input this page will grind to a halt after 24 years! Come on we know you use the site so send us your views and useful information.


Member's Web Sites

If you have a personal web site, e-mail the address to us and we will add it to our members web site page. If you don't have a web site but want to share your news or views, e-mail them to us and we will print them here.

E-mail the Webmaster with your news and views 

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